6 Best Areas for First-Time Visitors- The Planet D

6 Best Areas for First-Time Visitors- The Planet D

Copenhagen is a magical city to visit. Known for its medieval city center, rows of colorful houses on the waterfront, and an excellent gastronomic scene, there are zero reasons why the city shouldn’t be at the top of your bucket list. 

If you’re planning to visit Copenhagen but are unsure where to stay in the city, I’ve got good news. This detailed guide covers the six best areas to stay in Copenhagen and explores their top attractions. 

This guide covers everything from the best neighborhoods for families to the best areas for culture and creativity. And obviously, there’s a recommendation for first-time visitors to Copenhagen who want to stay in the center of the action and be close to all the top sights!

Why You Should Listen To Us

Trust me because reading and writing hotel reviews are two of my many hobbies. And because I’ve traveled to Copenhagen and had to go through the ordeal of researching all the hotels and areas to stay in for myself. And now, I want to share my findings with you! Dave and Deb have also traveled to Copenhagen and offer their invaluable insights.

Where To Stay In Copenhagen

Where to stay in Copenhagen our suggestion
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The city center of Copenhagen is compact and well-connected to the suburbs with the metro, trains, and buses. There’s hardly a bad area to stay in Copenhagen, especially if you’re fine with a 15-minute metro ride to the historic center. 

That being said, some hotels are better than others, and I’ve done my due diligence to find only the best hotels in this Danish city. Our guide covers everything, from affordable hostels to Copenhagen’s best luxury hotels. 

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Where We Stayed 

We stayed at the 25Hours Hotel Copenhagen in Indre By and had a great time. We chose the hotel mostly for the location close to Rosenborg Castle and because we planned to spend an entire day roaming around the castle grounds. 

Service was excellent, the rooms were clean, and I especially loved all the decor elements. There’s so much life in the room, and I highly recommend this hotel to anyone tired of the boring rooms where everything is white, beige, or light grey. 

Indre By: Our Recommendation For First-Time Visitors

Where to stay in Copenhagen Idre By City Centre
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Indre By is the city centre of Copenhagen with all the best landmarks and attractions. For first-time visitors who want to be within walking distance of the best things to do in Copenhagen, there is no better area in the city. 

It’s the heart of the Danish capital with cobbled streets, colorful buildings, and all the famous landmarks. Some of the best Copenhagen hotels are situated in Indre By, so travelers are spoiled for choice regardless of their preferred hotel’s type and price range. 

Indre By Neighbourhood Copenhagen
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Pros and Cons of Staying in Indre By


Walking distance to tourist attractions Many hotels to choose from  Excellent public transport connections Historic part of the city


The busiest area of Copenhagen Hotels and restaurants are expensive 

Highlights of Staying in Indre By

If it feels like all of Copenhagen’s landmarks and attractions are in Indre By, it’s because they are. The historic heart of the city is known for castles, sprawling public squares, historic buildings, and so much more. 

Tivoli Gardens: The amusement park is one of the most famous landmarks in Copenhagen. With seasonal decorations and themes, the park always has something new to discover. And with more than 30 amusement rides, Tivoli Gardens warrant an entire day for proper exploration.   Rosenborg Castle: Set in the heart of Indre By, Rosenborg Castle is one of Copenhagen’s most recognizable landmarks. A moat, lavish furnishings, opulent decorations, and the Danish Crown Jewels are the top reasons to prioritize visiting the Dutch Renaissance palace.  Copenhagen Opera House: The building of the Copenhagen Opera House is famous for its modern architecture. It’s situated on Holmen Island in the city center and can be viewed from most parts of central Copenhagen. If you can see a live performance at the venue, it would be a unique experience.  Copenhagen City Hall (Square): The Copenhagen City Hall is an iconic city landmark known for its ornate facade. The building was constructed in 1905 and is famous for housing Jens Olsen’s World Clock. The City Square in front of the Rathaus is the largest in Copenhagen, with a capacity of 50,000 people. 

Best Places to Stay in Indre By

The historic center of Copenhagen offers the most variety of accommodation. Whether you’re looking for budget, mid-range, luxury hotels, or even private apartments, this neighborhood won’t disappoint. And because all the main attractions are close to one another, you’ll be within easy walking distance regardless of where you stay. 

Capsule Hotel Nyhavn63

Capsule Hotel Nyhavn63 is the best budget hotel for travelers looking for an affordable place to stay in Copenhagen. I prefer capsule hotels to common hostels because the capsules feel more private than bunk beds in dormitories, and the prices are usually comparable. 

Capsules for solo travelers start at $25; for about $45, two adults can share a capsule with a double bed. The hotel even offers options for single rooms and capsules with private bathrooms, but don’t expect many other amenities. 

The location is excellent: it’s on the docks in a row of historic buildings, so you can enjoy views of ships and the canal as soon as you exit the hotel. And you’re still within walking distance of all the top landmarks in the heart of Copenhagen. Check rates and Availability here.

25hours Hotel Indre By

The 25 Hours Hotel Indre By is in the heart of the city, just a few minutes from the Rosenborg Castle. It offers spacious rooms with colorful decor, comfortable beds, and sparkling clean ensuite bathrooms. 

Guests can use the hotel gym and sauna for fitness and relaxation. The hotel also has a terrace with lounge chairs, which is very popular in the summer months. 

All hotel rooms have air conditioning, free WiFi, and a desk area. I particularly liked the furniture because it’s not all boring beige, and it really gives some character to the room. The nightly rate for this hotel starts at $205, but that’s without the delicious buffet breakfast. Check rates and availability.

NH Collection Copenhagen 

NH Collection Copenhagen is a five-star hotel in the heart of the city. If you want clean and spacious rooms, easy walking access to all the best landmarks in Copenhagen, and excellent service, this is one of the best hotels in the city. 

The hotel has several restaurants, a bar, and a spectacular lounge area on its rooftop terrace, with one of the best views of the city. It’s a fantastic hotel with a premium location and all the amenities you could need during your stay in Copenhagen. It’s approximately $300 per night for a double room with breakfast. Check rates and availability

Vesterbro: Best For Longer Stay 

Where to stay in Copenhagen Vesterbro
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Vesterbro is the area of Copenhagen southwest of the inner city. It’s one of the most popular residential areas of the Danish capital, both for easy access to the city center and also because it’s not as busy as the tourist hotspots. 

The neighborhood is home to the Copenhagen Central Station, which makes it ideal for people staying in town for a while. If you’ve got a week or two in Copenhagen and you want to take as many day trips as possible, being close to both the central station and the city’s harbor is crucial. 

Vesterbro Neighbourhood in Copenhagen
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Pros and Cons of Vesterbro


Easy access to the city center Copenhagen Central Station is here The residential area is mostly quiet


Fewer hotels  Not many tourist attractions

Highlights of Staying in Vesterbro

Vesterbro is primarily a residential area known for performance venues and congress centers. It doesn’t offer too many tourist attractions, but it does have easy access to the city center where all the main sights are. 

The Tube: The Tube is an interactive museum inside Copenhagen’s central station. With optical illusions, quirky light shows, and the chance to jump into a ball pit, visiting The Tube is one of the best ways to kill an hour in Copenhagen. It’s also a great spot for some unique and fun photographs.  Enghaveparken: At the center of Vesterbro lies Enghaveparken, a vast green space with a playground, fountains, and sculptures. It’s a great place for families with kids in Copenhagen and also a good destination for anyone seeking an escape from the busiest city areas. 

Best Places To Stay in Vesterbro

Vesterbro has many hotels, especially in the area close to Copenhagen’s central station. It’s one of the things that makes the neighborhood suitable for travelers despite the lack of tourist attractions. The hotels range from affordable to luxury with single rooms and family rooms, so there are genuinely options for everyone. 

CityHub Copenhagen

CityHub Copenhagen is a budget hotel on the northern edge of Vesterbro. It’s a five-minute walk from the Frederiksberg metro station and maybe 15 minutes from the Copenhagen central station. The access to public transport makes the location great for exploring the best landmarks in Copenhagen. 

This hotel doesn’t have standard rooms; it has hubs. It’s similar to a capsule hotel, but the hubs are slightly more spacious than the capsules, and there’s room for luggage inside. The only downside is that you must share a bathroom, but even that’s not a big deal because everything is cleaned often, and it’s truly spotless. 

It’s around $100 per night for a hub with a double bed and breakfast for two, which is a good deal. Without breakfast, it’s $65 for two, which is almost as cheap as a standard hostel. Check for rates and availability.

Absalon Hotel

Where to stay in Copenhagen Absalon Hotel
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Photo Credit https://absalon-hotel.dk/en/

Absalon Hotel is a family-owned hotel five minutes from the Tivoli Gardens and the central station. The rooms are on the smaller side, but they’re clean and adorned with colorful accents, so full of character. 

If you choose to stay at this hotel, spring for the option that includes breakfast. They serve a delicious breakfast buffet, a staple for Scandinavian countries. It’s about $162 per night for two adults with breakfast, which is a good deal for a four-star hotel in Copenhagen. 

All hotel rooms have ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a desk area. Guests also have access to free (and fast) WiFi. Check for rates and availability here.

Nimb Hotel

Where to stay in Copenhagen Nimb Hotel
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Photo Credit https://www.nimb.dk/da

Nimb Hotel is the best luxury hotel near Tivoli Gardens. It’s situated on the border of Indre By and Vesterbro, with easy access by foot to all the main attractions in the Danish capital. It boasts spacious rooms with designer furniture, Bang & Olufsen TVs, and iPod/iPad/iPhone docks. 

All the rooms have an ensuite bathroom, but only the smallest double rooms have a shower. And every room has luxury toiletries and a bathrobe. The other rooms are more spacious and feature a bath, while some rooms even have a fireplace. 

The cheapest nightly rate (for two) at the Nimb Hotel is $660, and that’s without breakfast. It’s closer to $700 with breakfast included in the price. A hotel bar and restaurant are available for guests, offering world-class service. Check rates and availability here.

Nørrebro: Best For Foodies and Creatives

Best places to stay in Copenhagen Norrebro
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Situated northwest of Indre By, Nørrebro is an up-and-coming district with a diverse culture. It’s also the best part of the city for exploring the culinary scene of Copenhagen, and the place to be if you want to find Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Norrebro is also a top location for art galleries and boutique shopping. If you want to find some unique items like paintings by local artists or handmade pottery, this is the best part of Copenhagen. It doesn’t have too many historic attractions, but it has a much different vibe from the city center. 

Where to stay in Copenhagen Norrebro Superkilen Park
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Pros and Cons of Nørrebro


Excellent food Great shopping opportunities  Lots of parks


Few tourist attractions Very few hotels 

Highlights of Staying in Nørrebro

Nørrebro isn’t swarming with tourist attractions like Indre By, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in the neighborhood. Here are a few reasons why you would come specifically to Nørrebro, even if you booked a hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. 

Assistens Cemetery: Visiting cemeteries isn’t for everyone, but for some people, it’s the favorite part of traveling to a new city. What makes the Assistens Cemetery in Norrebro special is that Hans Christian Andersen is buried here. The author’s tombstone is the most iconic landmark in the neighborhood and a must-visit site for most writers in Copenhagen.  Superkilen Park: Norrebro is home to an urban park created as a place to unite the city’s most culturally diverse district. It’s a vast space that stretches through several residential blocks, offering skating ramps, a jogging track, a football field, and much more. 

Best Places to Stay in Nørrebro

The Nørrebro neighborhood doesn’t have too many hotels. Several hostels and budget hotels are here, mostly in the northern part of the district. And there’s one mid-range hotel near the docks, which overlooks Indre By and offers easy access to the town center. 

Urban Camper Hostel & Bar

The Urban Camper Hostel & Bar is one of Copenhagen’s cheapest places to stay. It’s ideal for travelers on a tight budget and looking for a place to spend the night without needing many amenities. This isn’t your standard hostel; it has tents with bunk beds instead of big dormitories. 

The tents are all set up inside a vast building, so everything is still indoors with heating and AC. One tent can fit a maximum of four people, and renting an entire tent for $80 is possible. A single bed is usually just $20 per night. It’s a great deal for Copenhagen, but the bed is all you get.  Check here for rates and availability

Hotel Nora Copenhagen

Hotel Nora Copenhagen is Nørrebro’s only mid-range hotel. It’s a three-star hotel set in a historic building along one of the city’s main cycling routes. A bridge separates it from Indre By for easy access to the main landmarks in Copenhagen. It’s just a 15-minute walk from the Rosenberg Castle and even closer by bus. 

The hotel rooms are small and feature just the basic furnishings. But they do include an ensuite bathroom, a TV, and a free breakfast. It’s just $144 per night for two adults with breakfast, which is a terrific deal for a hotel with such an excellent location. 

Countless restaurants and bars are minutes from the hotel, with plenty of options across the street. A bus stop is also just down the road from Hotel Nora, connecting the hotel with the city center. Check here for rates and availability.

Frederiksberg: Best For Families

Best Places to stay in Copenhagen Frederiksberg
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Frederiksberg is the neighborhood between Norrebro and Vesterbro. The vast residential neighborhood is a serene part of Copenhagen, known for its expansive green spaces and the Frederiksberg Palace. The entire neighborhood is connected by metro to the city center and other city districts. 

The district is primarily residential, apart from the area around the palace, which gets the most tourists. Stay here to experience a quiet Copenhagen, one without the constant noise and crowds of the inner city center. 

Where to stay in Copenhagen Sondermarken Frederiksberg
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Pros and Cons of Staying in Frederiksberg


Great for families  Metro access to the city center Quite and not busy


Not within walking distance of main landmarks Few hotels Very few tourist attractions

Highlights of Staying in Frederiksberg

In terms of attractions and things to do, Frederiksberg is probably the second best place to stay in Copenhagen, right after Indre By. And with excellent shopping opportunities and plenty of specialty food stores, it’s easy to understand why Frederiksberg is one of the most popular areas with the locals. 

Frederiksberg Palace and Gardens: The 18th-century Palace and its vast gardens are by far the most popular historical landmarks in this district. Frederiksberg Palace was constructed in the Italian Baroque style and offers tours of royal apartments. The Frederiksberg Gardens feature landscaped walking paths, canals, and lakes on the palace grounds.  Cisterns in Søndermarken: Cisternerne is an underground art space set in a former reservoir. The space hosts thematic exhibits and events, and it’s truly one of the most special interactive museums in Copenhagen. I reckon it’s a must for art lovers and creatives in the city. 

Best Places to Stay in Frederiksberg

Because Frederiksberg is mostly a residential area, it doesn’t have many hotels. But the ones that are in the neighborhood are good mid-range hotels with everything you could need during a stay in Copenhagen. Also, I should mention that there are a few poorly rated budget hotels near the docks, which you should avoid. 

Hotel Sct. Thomas

Hotel Sct. Thomas is a three-star hotel set in a gorgeous, historic building. It’s situated on the border of Frederiksberg and Vesterbro and is just a 15-minute walk from Copenhagen’s central station. Bus and metro stops are also close to the hotel. 

The rooms are small but equipped with all the essentials, including an ensuite bathroom, a flat-screen TV, and a desk area. The smallest rooms start at $120 per night for two adults, which is a steal. 

Larger rooms are also available at this hotel, as are single rooms. Overall, Hotel Sct. Thomas offers good value for money and a top location in Copenhagen. Check rates and availability.

Scandic Falkoner

Scandic Falkoner is a four-star hotel a stone’s throw away from the Frederiksberg transit station. With three metro lines passing through the station, the hotel offers easy access to Copenhagen’s inner city center. 

The rooms are sleek and modern, with comfortable beds and large windows that let in a lot of light. Each room has a clean ensuite bathroom with a shower, free Wi-Fi, a kettle, and a desk area. 

The nightly rate starts at $211 for two adults. Breakfast is included in the price, and guests can choose from continental and buffet breakfast options. Check rates and availability here.

Østerbro: Best For Outdoor Activities

Where to stay in Copenhagen Osterbro Little Mermaid Statue
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Østerbro, the area of Copenhagen north of Indre By, is known for vast parks, boat tours, and the Parken stadium. It’s home to Fælledparken, the largest park in Copenhagen, which is very popular for outdoor sports. 

This Copenhagen neighborhood also has an evolving gastro scene. It’s home to Geranium, a Michelin-starred restaurant that was named the best in the world in 2022. Stay in Østerbro if you want to be in a more peaceful part of Copenhagen, get around by boat, and have easy access to fun sports. 

Best Places to stay in Copenhagen Osterbro Kastellet
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Pros and Cons of Staying in Østerbro


Excellent restaurant scene Plenty of fun things to do  Get around by boat 


Lacking tourist attractions Metro stations are few and far apart

Highlights of Staying in Østerbro

Østerbro isn’t swarming with tourist attractions like Indre By. But the landmarks in Østerbro are just as iconic as those in the city center and, unfortunately, just as busy. 

Langelinie: The sculpture of the Little Mermaid is why so many tourists in Copenhagen come to Østerbro. It’s situated at Langelinie, a quayside promenade with beautiful sea views, cafes, and gorgeous green spaces. The statue is one of the busiest landmarks in Copenhagen, and it’s usually not that easy to spot it because a sea of tourists obstructs the view.  Dinner at Geranium: Back in 2022, Geranium was ranked as the best restaurant in the entire world. With three Michelin stars, the Danish restaurant offers one of the most exclusive and refined fine-dining experiences.  Kastellet: The military fortress on the border of Østerbro and Indre By is one of Copenghagen’s most famous landmarks. Dating back to the 17th century, Kastellet is one of the best-preserved citadels in Northern Europe.

Best Places to Stay in Østerbro

Østerbro offers a good choice of hotels, but all the best ones are situated near the water and the metro. It’s important to note that there aren’t any proper budget hotels in this district. You won’t find a cheap stay in Østerbro, but you will find plenty of fantastic hotels with premium service and stunning panoramic views. 

Comwell Copenhagen Portside Dolce by Wyndham

The Comwell Copenhagen is an excellent four-star hotel, steps away from one of the city’s many ports. It has double and family rooms and suites, so it’s a good option for any travel group. 

All hotel rooms have private bathrooms, a desk, and a flat-screen TV. And most important of all, the rooms and the bathrooms are all spotless. The hotel also features a fitness center with modern equipment and an extremely popular sun terrace on those rare, sunny days in Copenhagen. 

The rooms start at $125 per night (for two), a bargain for such a fabulous hotel. Sure, the location is a little outside the city center, but you’re just 5-10 minutes from the center of action either by boat or metro. Check for rates and availability here.

Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen

Adina Apartment Hotel is excellent for travelers who prefer staying in apartments. Every guest gets their own private space with a bathroom, a kitchenette, and access to a shared pool, gym, lounge room, and restaurants. 

This hotel offers everything from studio apartments that are great for couples to two-bedroom apartments for up to five guests. Only the studio apartments have a kitchenette, while all the bigger apartments have a full-sized kitchen with a dishwasher. 

The bathrooms at the bigger apartments are even equipped with a washer and dryer, making them excellent for longer stays in Copenhagen. See here for rates and availability.

The Audo Copenhagen

The Audo Copenhagen is a high-end hotel with sleek and modern rooms. All the rooms are equipped with large and extra-long double beds, which make this hotel one of the best places to stay in Copenhagen for very tall travelers. Seriously, if your feet are always dangling off the hotel bed, consider booking a room at the Audo. 

The rooms are sparkling clean, and the same can be said for the ensuite bathrooms. The starting nightly rate for this fabulous hotel is around $400, including a fantastic breakfast. Also, the hotel is just two minutes from the nearest metro station for easy access to the rest of the city. Check here for rates and availability.

Amagerbro: Best For Beaches and Sea Views

Best Places to stay in Copenhagen Amagerbro
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Amagerbro is the area south of Copenhagen’s city center. It’s known for beaches, water sports, and boats, and it’s generally one of the best parts of the city for people who enjoy staying close to the water. If you’re planning a summer trip to the Danish capital, this is an area to consider. 

This neighborhood is also closest to the Copenhagen Airport. Suppose you’re in the city for a short time and prefer to stay just 3-4 metro stops from the airport. In that case, Amagerbro is a top option mainly because the hotels have lower rates than those in the city center, even if the service quality and amenities are very similar. 

Where to stay in Copenhagen Amager Beach Park
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Pros and Cons of Staying in Amagerbro


Short travel time to the airport Best Copenhagen beaches Water sports access


Far from city center  Few hotels and restaurants 

Highlights of Staying in Amagerbro

Amagerbro is Cpenhagen’s working-class district with the best beaches in the city. You won’t find many historic landmarks in this area, but you will find plenty of things to do for fun in the water. 

Amager Beach Park: Copenhagen’s best beach park is home to a 4-kilometer sandy beach. It’s a man-made beach popular for cozy strolls, beautiful sea views, and water fun.  Copenhagen Cablepark: Situated in the northern area of Amagerbro, the Copenhagen Cablepark is the best destination for water sports enthusiasts, especially for wakeboarders. It’s suitable for both experienced wakeboarders and first-timers. 

Best Places To Stay in Amagerbro

There aren’t too many hotels in Amagerbro and the area is lacking in the luxury hotel department. But if you’re looking for budget and mid-range stays close to both the airport and the city center, you’ll find a couple of suitable options. 

Go Hotel City

Go Hotel City is one of the best affordable Copenhagen hotels. The rooms are very small but equipped with all the essentials and sparkling clean. Every hotel guest has access to a private bathroom, fast Wi-Fi, and a TV in the room. 

The smallest rooms start at $80 per night, which is an excellent deal for two travelers. Go Hotel City even has special rates for solo travelers. It’s close to the metro station, from where it takes 20 minutes to get to the airport, and just 15 minutes to the heart of the city. Check rates and availability.

CPH Studio Hotel

CPH Studio Hotel is an affordable three-star hotel just five minutes from two metro stations. All the rooms feature sleek Danish furnishings and are equipped with a private bathroom and a kitchenette. 

The hotel also has an on-site bar and a restaurant, and it’s only a 10-minute walk from the beach. Room rates start at $116 for two adults, not including breakfast. It’s a good deal, considering every room has a stovetop, and the hotel is just 15 minutes from both the airport and the city center.  Check here for rates and availability.

FAQ About Where To Stay In Copenhagen

Best places to stay in Copenhagen Questions
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What Is The Best Area To Stay In Copenhagen? 

Indre By is the best area to stay in Copenhagen. It’s the center of the city, with all the famous landmarks and tourist attractions. 

Is Copenhagen a Walkable City?

Copenhagen is a walkable city. The central area is mostly compact and flat, allowing easy walking between the main sights. 

How Much Time is Enough For Copenhagen?

Three days is a good amount of time for Copenhagen. It’s enough time to explore all the main attractions in the city, and take a quick day trip to a nearby destination. 

What is The Most Picturesque Part of Copenhagen?

Indre By, with Copenhagen’s medieval city center, is the most picturesque part of the city. Historic buildings, colorful houses on the waterfront, and beautiful statues are all found in this neighborhood.

So, now that you know where to stay in Copenhagen, are you ready to start planning your Scandinavian adventures?

Read more to help you plan your trip to Copenhagen and Scandinavia.

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