Where to Stay in Las Vegas: Best Places and Areas for 2023

Where to Stay in Las Vegas: Best Places and Areas for 2023

Planning a trip to Sin City is beyond exciting. Everyone can agree that Las Vegas is one of the best places to visit in the US. So the real question is where to stay in Las Vegas. Which neighborhoods should you choose, and what are the best hotels in Las Vegas? There are so many options it can be really overwhelming. So we put together this guide to help you choose the best areas and neighborhoods in Las Vegas to base yourself.

Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas

Whether you want cheap hotels or luxury hotels, a spot on the central strip, or out in the more peaceful Boulder City, we’ve got lots lined up for you. We’ll break down where you stay in Las Vegas by each neighborhood – giving you the pros and cons for each one, plus a handful of top recommendations for hotels. Let’s get started.

1. Las Vegas Strip

Main Las Vegas Strip at sunset
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Many liken the Las Vegas Strip to a giant theme park. The Main Strip stretches across 6 lanes as a seemingly never-ending avenue. As you’ve seen in the movies, it is all neon lights, grandeur, and casinos. There are famous strip landmarks like the Bellagio Fountains and Eiffel Tower to see. Plus, 24-hour entertainment with clubs by night and pool parties by day.

The Main Strip is an ideally central location within walking distance of nightlife and significant landmarks. If you want the ‘ultimate’ Las Vegas experience, choosing this central strip is an easy call. It feels constantly electric – ideally suited to party animals and enthusiastic Vegas visitors.

Luxury: Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas is a luxe 5-star hotel with a definite dramatic flair. The hotel rooms each have Vegas views; some come with discounted resort fees – like a $50 breakfast credit. While downstairs, scratch the idea of a standard outdoor pool and instead envision a multi-pool oasis connected by lazy rivers.

Of course, there is a full-service spa and shopping onsite (including Chanel and Louis Vuitton stores). And if you want a flutter at the casino, over 1,800 slots and 26 poker tables. Wynn Las Vegas is one of the best hotels for luxury amongst the Main Strip hotels. We love that it is so dramatically luxurious that it has onsite designer stores and oasis-style pools.

Mid-Range: Park MGM Las Vegas

Park MGM Las Vegas is a strong runner-up after Wynn Las Vegas and a fabulous mid-range property. Situated right on Las Vegas Boulevard, it is one of the most centrally located hotels in Vegas – fantastic when considering that you want to be within walking distance of most things on your Las Vegas vacation. The hotel has three swimming pools and a casino, and you can book a hotel room with a Las Vegas Strip view.

Its highlight is its concierge service, with a 24-hour reception to help you book everything – from live entertainment to tickets to the latest parties. And speaking of live entertainment, Park MGM has its own theater onsite, Dolby Live at Park MGM, where you can catch performances and shows. It is one of the few Las Vegas hotels with its own theaters.

Budget: Bungalows Hostel

It is a classic piece of knowledge that the best cheap hotels are actually hostels, and when in Vegas, Bungalows Hostel is the best choice on the central Las Vegas Strip. While admittedly further towards the North Strip, it is worth the extra walk for the budget-friendly prices Bungalows Hostel offers.

With single-sex and mixed-gender dorms available, it is a flexible base for budget travelers. You get all the basics – free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and locker storage facilities. Bungalows Hostel is a fantastic deal and a great bang for your buck.

Las Vegas Strip hotel the Wynn
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Pros of Staying on the Las Vegas Strip

Paris Eiffel Tower Classic Las Vegas experience Nightlife 24-hour entertainment

Cons on the Las Vegas Strip

Touristy Rowdiness at night with lots of partiers Crowds Expensive

2. South Strip

South Strip in Las Vegas
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South Strip is subtly different when choosing where to stay in Las Vegas. Self-explanatorily, it is located south of the Main Strip, closer to McCarran International Airport. And while still heaving with visitors and activity, it isn’t quite as buzzy as the Main Strip. The South Strip leaves a little more breathing room, which is probably preferable if you don’t want to submerge yourself in Las Vegas’s antics. Instead, you’ll find a beautiful selection of iconic resorts and a neater setup of attractions.

Luxury: Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is situated on its own 11-acre beach. So while you aren’t staying along any coastline when visiting Vegas, you can still enjoy swimming on a ‘real’ sand beach. What is more luxurious than that? Mandalay Bay is one of the best luxury hotels on the South Strip.

It has that real sense of extravagant luxury well suited to Las Vegas’ outlandish atmosphere. Mandalay Bay has some more practical luxuries, like a business conference center and onsite restaurants. Mandalay Bay is a fantastic luxury hotel if you want to base yourself on South Strip and have an experience just by staying in the hotel itself.

Mid-Range: MGM Grand

The light-up exterior of MGM Grand is impossible to miss – as are the giant golden lions. Out of all these Las Vegas hotels, MGM Grand is one of the most striking. The hotel also features many nightclubs and hosts some great pool parties on the pool deck.

And while there is a resort fee to use the facilities, it is worthwhile, especially since the outdoor pools have a lazy river. MGM Grand is outgoing and entertaining; we recommend this hotel if you like partying and want a Vegas experience. As if it couldn’t get any better, it is located right next to T-Mobile Arena – the home ground of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Budget: Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Luxor Las Vegas is full of character and, in a fun twist, completely Egypt-themed. From the pyramid to mock pharaoh statues, Luxor Hotel provides a Vegas-style take on some of the most iconic scenery in the world. The pyramid rises a staggering 30 stories.

As an even more bizarre addition, guests can also visit a replica of the Titanic. However, most importantly, Luxor Hotel is not just bringing novelty to the table but also budget-friendly prices. It is one of the most reasonable places to book a hotel room on the South Strip.

South Strip Las Vegas Hotels Mandalay Bay
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Pros of Staying on the South Strip

Close to McCarran International Airport Slightly fewer crowds Iconic resorts Neat layout

Cons Staying on the South Strip

Further from the attractions on the Main Strip Still quite touristy Still lots of casinos Expensive

3. Downtown Las Vegas/Fremont Street

Downtown Las Vegas Nevada
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This Vegas region is where to relax without missing out on attractions. It is pretty on-brand for Vegas to have an area packed with activities and constant entertainment yet still be described as relaxed. So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to the Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street neighborhoods.

We’ve paired Downtown Vegas and Fremont Street together for this guide. Both neighborhoods offer a similar atmosphere and are so close together that their boundaries blur into one area. The atmosphere is historical – like a vintage version of the hectic Main Strip. Fremont was the first paved road in Vegas and dates back to the city’s founding in 1905. So while you can walk under some of the largest collections of neon signs and casinos, there is a historical element to staying in this region.

Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street are full of museum-style attractions, not just casinos and partying. You can check out the Fremont Street Experience and Neon Museum, amongst many other bucket-list-worthy things to do. For those deciding where to stay in Las Vegas if they want a cultural experience and a party holiday, Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street are perfect.

Luxury: Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is iconic; seriously, where else can you find a waterslide through a shark tank? Golden Nugget is plush and elegant at every corner, with a few novelty quirks like its shark tank for extra allure. Few hotels tread the line so well, even in Vegas.

Regarding facilities and modern amenities, nine onsite restaurants and two Starbucks are on the hotel’s grounds. While for those who want to relax and let their hair down, there is a casino and spa – whichever most take your fancy. Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is a luxurious hotel in Sin City and a brilliant base in Downtown Las Vegas.

Mid-Range: Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Don’t be fooled; this 3-star hotel is far from a humble place to stay in Downtown Las Vegas. Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is home to the Citrus Grand Pool Deck, the largest pool deck in all of Downtown Vegas. It is ideally located just 450 yards from the Fremont Street Experience. It is renowned for its facilities and location and is a fabulous mid-range choice.

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino has all the amenities you’d expect from a hotel of its caliber. You’ll find a casino with slot machines, three onsite restaurants, and a fitness center for health-conscious guests. Comfortable and entertaining, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is perfect for a Downtown Vegas vacation.

Budget: El Cortez Hotel & Casino

El Cortez Hotel & Casino has been running since 1941 and was a magnet for some of the most famous gamblers visiting Vegas. It has a more impressive historical element than most standard, modern strip hotels. Rather than staying in a glitzy hotel with resort-style pools and over-the-top furnishings, you can opt for a more authentic experience at El Cortez Hotel & Casino.

As a massive plus, the property is also budget-friendly. Surprisingly, it is one of the cheapest properties in Downtown Las Vegas.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Fremont Street
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Pros of Staying Downtown Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience and other museums Vintage experience of Las Vegas Neon lights and old-style casinos More relaxing than the Main Strip

Cons of Staying Downtown Las Vegas

Touristy Busy with crowds Expensive Gambling heavy

4. Symphony Park

Best Areas to Stay in Las Vegas Symphony Park
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Symphony Park is a brand-new area in Las Vegas. And the so-called ‘Symphony Park neighborhood’ is centered around a 61-acre development full of retail, art, science, and culture venues. Symphony Park development was an investment in Las Vegas as a cultural destination – offering things to do off the strip yet still providing proximity to all the classic landmarks.

Think of Symphony Park as a compromise. The up-and-coming neighborhood is popular amongst those visiting for conferences and meetings (adjacent to the World Market Center Las Vegas and Molasky Corporate Center). However, it is also worth considering amongst regular visitors to Las Vegas who are open to staying somewhere new.

Luxury: Circa Resort & Casino

Is there anything more ‘Vegas’ than an adults-only resort? Circa Resort & Casino is right next to Symphony Park and all its new developments. So if you fancy an adults-only base where you can experience one of Vegas’ latest neighborhoods, you are on to a winner.

The 4-star property has a massive outdoor pool, plus all your expected luxuries like room service and a 24-hour reception. There’s even a hot tub for guest enjoyment. Circa Resort & Casino is the ideal candidate for a luxury stay in Symphony Park and is reasonably priced compared to competitors.

Mid-Range: California Hotel & Casino

California Hotel & Casino is a fabulous mid-range property on the outskirts of Symphony Park with a striking Hawaiian theme. The hotel even serves a traditional ox-tail soup at its onsite restaurant. Apart from the Hawaiian theme, though, California Hotel & Casino has a beautiful rooftop pool with views over Vegas. And, of course, it boasts its own casino – so no commuting to the central strip unless you really want to.

We like the strong sense of character at California Hotel & Casino, and its location is another big tick if you are tempted by the freshness of Symphony Park. This hotel does a brilliant job at ticking off those ‘basic luxuries’ while putting just enough of a stamp of individuality on itself to help it stand out from the crowd.

Budget: Plaza Hotel & Casino

Plaza Hotel & Casino is a budget-friendly option with a short walk from Symphony Park. While the hotel is 4-star, it has some reasonably priced rooms and is one of the best cheaper hotels in this neighborhood. You get free Wi-Fi and brilliant facilities, our favorite of which is a rooftop pool. Its food court is the real winner, providing various meal choices for different budget levels.

Symphony Park Las Vegas Hotels
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Pros of Staying in Symphony Park

Up and coming Off-the-strip entertainment like retail venues Close to World Market Center Las Vegas Offers new insight into Las Vegas

Cons of Staying in Symphony Park

Not a traditional area of Las Vegas Not on the Las Vegas Strip Can be busy Not fully established as a neighborhood in its own right yet

5. Boulder City

Where to stay in Las Vegas Boulder City
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Boulder City is where to stay in Las Vegas if you want somewhere where the lights and music finish at a reasonable hour. Las Vegas is iconic, but its energy isn’t for everyone. Staying in Boulder City means taking day trips into Las Vegas and returning to serenity and a more peaceful base.

Boulder City is situated past Lake Las Vegas and is famously home to the Hoover Dam and an art deco collection of cafes and hospitality venues. The city has a residential but trendy atmosphere. And Boulder City is just a 30-minute drive from Vegas or around 2 hours by bus if you prefer public transport.

Luxury: Best Western Hoover Dam Hotel

This non-gaming hotel is located right in the middle of Boulder City. The Best Western Hoover Dam Hotel might not seem like the ultimate candidate for a top luxury hotel. Still, it has the best reviews by far in its price bracket. And it absolutely epitomizes that relaxed luxury that Boulder City is all about. You’ve come to Boulder City to escape the flashy hospitality – so kick back with this hotel’s heated indoor pool, spa, and gym facilities.

Mid-Range: Boulder Dam Hotel

Boulder Dam Hotel is a classic hotel with modern amenities. Basically, it’s the ideal mid-range property in Boulder City; moderately priced with comfortable luxuries like an onsite restaurant. Certain rooms offer kitchenettes, or you can stick to the more classic hotel experience by picking a standard room. There is a 24-hour reception too, where you can collect concierge-style advice and top tips for sightseeing in the area.

Budget: Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino

What the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino lacks in elegance and refinery, it makes up tenfold in value for money. The loveably clunky-looking building is located just outside Boulder City in the nearby town of Railroad Pass. The hotel has a generously sizeable outdoor pool, plus a casino if you fancy a night of gambling without a Las Vegas commute.

True to its budget-friendly title, Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino offers complimentary toiletries and a buffet full of delicious food for a bargain price. And at just a 15-minute drive from Hoover Dam and Lake Mead National Park, you are spoiled for choice regarding daytime adventures not involving a trip into Vegas.

Hoover Dam near Boulder City Las Vegas
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Pros of Staying in Boulder City

Quieter than staying on the central strip Near the Hoover Dam Art deco style Residential atmosphere

Cons of Staying in Boulder City

A 30 minute drive away from the central strip (or 2 hours on the bus) A more residential atmosphere which some may find underwhelming Fewer high-status hotels and resorts Not as tailored toward tourists

6. Arts District

LAs Vegas Arts District
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The Arts District is an absolute cultural hub – and we don’t use that phrase lightly. Think indie. The Arts District is where you should stay in Las Vegas if you want vibrancy and creativity spilling out at every street corner. It is home to some of the city’s leading artistic attractions, including the Arts Factory and Art Square.

This neighborhood is also fabulous for theater shows and boho bars with ridiculously named cocktails and craft beers you definitely won’t recognize. Walking through the district is memorable, with brightly painted buildings and street art galore. In short, to embrace the art culture in Vegas, the Arts District is your best pick.

Luxury: The ENGLiSH Hotel Las Vegas, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel

The ENGLiSH Hotel Las Vegas is one of our favorite Las Vegas hotels. The property is squeezed into the edges of the incredible Arts District. It is an absolute gem when it comes to visiting nearby galleries and admiring Vegas views. This luxury property has a massive outdoor pool and a range of rooms – from king to deluxe queens. While it is still relatively up and coming (yet to fully break into the list of Vegas’ best luxury hotels), it is beginning to attract traction with glowing reviews. Creatives will appreciate its new contribution to Vegas’ luxury hotel scene.

Aside from the outdoor pool, the ENGLiSH Hotel Las Vegas has a terrace and a bar as communal areas for guests. You can treat yourself to a cocktail with a view. Or alternatively, head to the onsite Japanese restaurant for some delicious cuisine. The ENGLiSH Hotel Las Vegas is an attractive luxury choice for accommodation hunting in the Arts District.

Mid-Range: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is beautiful – one of the best hotels in Las Vegas if you are searching for off-strip hotels. You are set back off the major strip yet directly linked to the action by the Mono Rail if you want to dabble in some occasional nightlife.

With a stupendously large casino and 13 different restaurants onsite, we don’t think you’ll need to make a habit of commuting to the strip. And while you can enjoy room service, we suggest heading to one of the hotel’s venues for fantastic ambiance. The solar-heated rooftop pool is a real highlight.

Budget: Bposhtels Las Vegas

We can confidently say that you should look no further if you want a budget-friendly accommodation choice in the Arts District. Bposhtels Las Vegas is a sneaky hostel in a hotel body. You’d never guess that this property only offers dormitory-style accommodation from the outside and facilities. It has a vast outdoor swimming pool with more than enough loungers to cater to all the guests. While there is also a comfortable lounge – perfect for socializing – and a beautiful garden for unwinding in after a hectic day on the Main Strip or browsing street art locally.

The dormitory options are simple; a 6-bed female-only dorm and a 6-bed mixed-gender dorm. For those wanting a hostel experience in Vegas, Bposhtels Las Vegas is a dream come true. It has a sociable setup and unrivaled prices. There is even evening entertainment to tempt the most shy solo travelers out of their shells.

Westgate Las Vegas Hotel Arts District
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Pros of Staying in the Arts District

Craft beer and Boho bars Street art and a creative vibe Arts Factory and Art Square Near Las Vegas Convention Center

Cons of Staying in the Arts District

Different sorts of nightlife to nightlife on the Main Strip Better suited to creatives Can be busy Requires a commute to reach the Main Strip

Best Areas to Stay in Las Vegas: FAQs

Where to Stay in Las Vegas for the First Time
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A stay in Las Vegas is something you want to get right – after all, a visit is a lifetime trip for many. So it makes sense that you still have some burning questions. We’ll answer these and alleviate the most pressing of questions.

What is the best part of the Las Vegas Strip?

Central Strip (e.g., the main Las Vegas Strip) is the best part of the Vegas Strip. It has the most classic landmarks and is full of action and non-stop partying. It is also within walking distance of most of the highlights like the Bellagio Fountains and the most famous hotels.

Where do most people stay in Vegas?

If it is your first time in Las Vegas, stay on the main part of The Strip. With constant lights and partying, you’ll get the ‘real’ Vegas experience. It is also close to the main attractions and hotels.

Is it worth staying off the Strip in Las Vegas?

It is definitely worth staying off the Strip in Las Vegas if you want a quieter atmosphere. If you want to balance your time between partying and sightseeing, staying off the strip is actually a brilliant idea.

How many days is enough to stay in Vegas?

4 days is the perfect amount of time to stay in Las Vegas. With 4 days, you can enjoy the nightlife, sightsee, and take at least one day trip.

About Resort Fees in Las Vegas

Resort fees are common in many Las Vegas hotels, particularly those on the Strip. It’s important to note that not all hotels charge resort fees, but the majority do. So when booking your hotel, have the extra charges in mind when creating your budget. We use Booking.com to book hotels in Vegas and around the world and they include all upfront costs so there are no surprises.

To Conclude

Bellagio Fountain at night in Las Vegas
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A stay in Las Vegas is one of the most thrilling trips you’ll ever plan. So don’t take shortcuts when booking accommodation or finding the right neighborhood. Choose from these top places to stay in Las Vegas carefully, and your Las Vegas trip will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Of course, visiting Las Vegas doesn’t mean staying in Las Vegas the whole time. Book day trips to Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, and the Hoover Dam. The Valley of Fire is a popular day trip almost right on Las Vegas’ doorstep if you don’t fancy endless hours of driving. North Las Vegas is worth mentioning, too – especially the north strip; Vegas has tons to do.

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